Silent Broodling


Appears in

Fire Emblem Fates

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Silent Broodling Lilith

What happened?! Lilith’s always been so friendly and gentle, but now she looks downright terrifying! This isn’t the Lilith I know at all!
Oh my! It turns out this literally isn’t the Lilith I know. She’s from another dimension with a different history, and apparently, this version of Lilith is much more heavily influenced by her father, Anankos, the Silent Dragon.
To this Lilith, the word of Anankos is absolute, and she’ll wreak havoc on anyone who defies him—even if they’re people who share invisible yet precious bonds with her.
In fact, she’ll even willingly sacrifice herself for Anankos. I really do wish Lilith would look out for herself a bit more…

Closely Associated Characters


The ruler of Valla and a First Dragon. Having lost his grip on sanity, he despises the world. Lilith’s father.