Playful Slayer


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Fire Emblem Fates

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Playful Slayer Peri

Peri is a cavalier from Nohr! She comes from a prestigious noble family and serves as a retainer to Xander, the eldest prince of Nohr.
Peri has a very childlike demeanor, and she might seem innocent at first blush, but watch out, because she likes to play rough! When she finds someone to fight, she gets utterly merciless.
I hear that when she finds herself in a tough spot, she often bursts into tears. When that happens, she becomes completely uncontrollable. She’ll go into a blind rage and lash out at anyone she sees as an enemy!
How strange that a charming young noblewoman who loves cooking and dressing up also has such a passion for visiting grievous bodily harm upon people. I hope that her fellow retainer Laslow can help keep her from getting too out of hand in Askr!

Closely Associated Characters


Nohrian prince respected for his military prowess. Wields the divine blade Siegfried. Peri and Laslow serve as his retainers.


A mysterious man with a flair for dancing and flirting. Like Peri, he is one of Xander’s retainers.