Flower of Fantasy


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Fire Emblem Fates

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Flower of Fantasy Camilla

Hey, isn’t that Camilla, the eldest princess of Nohr? Wait… There’s something strange about her. I wonder what’s going on?
Well, it seems that this Camilla came from the dreams of the young Azura. It’s kind of nice to see Camilla looking so gentle and relaxed!
Between her pristine white dress and all of the beautiful butterflies surrounding her, she looks like she just stepped right out of an enchanting bedtime story!
Camilla appeared in Azura’s dreams to soothe her worries, but she’s not just there to pamper her. Azura dreamt of an older, more experienced sister who can be firm when the time calls for it—so I’m sure this Camilla will also help Azura with some sisterly advice!

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The daughter of Arete, queen of Nohr. She is treated badly by the denizens of the castle, and her heart is touched by darkness. Looking for someone to show her kindness, she encounters Camilla in her dreams.