Loyal Knight


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Fire Emblem Fates

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Loyal Knight Silas

Silas hails from the Kingdom of Nohr. He’s a genuine and friendly knight who shares a close, trusting relationship with Corrin!
Silas met Corrin when they were both still children. Feeling sorry for Corrin, who was locked away in a tower, he snuck in to visit.
Following this, Silas worked his hardest to become a knight so that he could serve Corrin one day. And wouldn’t you know it, he succeeded!
Silas continued to give everything he could for Corrin, both as a retainer to the young royal and as a close friend as well. I hope the intimate bond they share guides them to a bright future!

Closely Associated Characters


A Hoshidan royal who was raised as a member of the Nohrian royal family and later forced to choose sides. Wields the divine blade Yato. Silas’s friend since childhood.