Rulebreaker Mage


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Fire Emblem Fates

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Rulebreaker Mage Nyx

Nyx is a dark mage from Nohr. Despite her appearance, she has a truly precocious wit and intellect, not to mention incredible magical expertise!
Nyx lived a reclusive life near the border of Hoshido. It seems she had her reasons—I hear she even declined invitations to the royal palace from Garon, the King of Nohr himself.
And so she lived alone, until one day, the conflict between Nohr and Hoshido caught up with her. Nyx was found by Corrin and joined the young royal’s army.
I hear that some people are scared of Nyx’s power, but you won’t find those people anywhere in Askr! We’re all friends here, and you can’t be scared of your friends!

Closely Associated Characters


A young royal who was born in Hoshido and raised in Nohr, but was later forced to choose sides. Wields the divine blade Yato. One of Mikoto’s children. Nyx was taken into Corrin’s care.