Special Hero

Highborn Sipper


Appears in

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Highborn Sipper Ferdinand

The scion of the Adrestian Empire’s House Aegir, Ferdinand is here to attend the tea party—dressed in dashing servant’s attire!
As the heir to a prestigious noble family, Ferdinand has some strong opinions about tea. Tea-party guests should rest assured knowing that he selects only the finest of leaves for brewing! His masterpiece tea set also features the banner of the Church of Seiros.
His attention to detail extends to his outfit too! I see his scarf is embroidered with the Cichol Crest he carries.
Ferdinand has sworn on his family’s honor to give our guests the most stupendous tea party the world has ever known. I’ve never seen someone so passionate about tea!

Closely Associated Characters


Princess and heir apparent of the Adrestian Empire. Her steadfast ambition is veiled by her elegant, self-confident demeanor. Ferdinand sees her as a rival.