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Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Overachiever Annette

Annette is an Officers Academy student from the Blue Lions house, which is made up of students from the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus. Through her bloodline, she bears the Crest of Dominic, one of the 10 Elites of Fódlan!
Annette completed her studies at the school of sorcery in the royal capital with top marks, but outside of her academic pursuits, she can be a bit clumsy. Possibly very clumsy.
She loves to sing, and she often hums tunes that she’s come up with herself. But the lyrics to her songs can be quite…unusual, and sometimes cause her friends embarrassment.
Cheerful and enthusiastic, Annette keeps her classmates in the Blue Lions motivated. I hope she brings that same energy to motivate the Order of Heroes!

Closely Associated Characters


Adopted daughter of a merchant family in the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus. Former nobility with a gentle, easygoing personality. Friends with Annette.