Keen Mercenary


Appears in

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Keen Mercenary Shez

Here’s Shez, a mercenary from Fódlan! An aloof, solitary woman, she’s distinguished herself in a number of battles.
Despite her exceptional skills, though, Shez met her match when she faced another mercenary known as the Ashen Demon in battle…
On the verge of death, a mysterious being called Arval came to her in her dreams and pulled her back from the brink. When she awoke, Shez discovered she had acquired uncanny powers!
But just who was Arval? And what kind of powers did Shez gain? I’m just as curious about Shez’s secrets as you are!

Closely Associated Characters


A member of Jeralt’s elite mercenary band. Infamous throughout Fódlan, this sellsword has quickly earned a reputation of late. The Ashen Demon who once almost killed Shez.


A mysterious being who can only be seen and heard by Shez.