Fitness Fighter


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Fire Emblem Engage

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Fitness Fighter Etie

Etie’s a Hero from the continent of Elyos! A noblewoman of Firene, she’s an archer in service to her prince, Alfred!
At first glance, you may think her a demure lady who suits her genteel upbringing, but you’d be very mistaken. Etie has a casual demeanor and, just like her liege, loves to work out!
According to Etie, there’s no problem that can’t be solved with a little muscle. Needless to say, she’s the kind of person who doesn’t sweat the small stuff and leaps into the fray with no regrets!
No matter the situation, Etie’s always positive and energetic. I’m sure her exuberance will help to energize the Order of Heroes even more!

Closely Associated Characters


Crown prince of Firene, a peace-loving land. He trains constantly to strengthen his constitution. Etie is his retainer.