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Sugarplum Vision Mirabilis

Mirabilis is a ljósálfr from Ljósálfheimr, and today she’s making an appearance at the winter festival! A rather…sleepy appearance. Wake up, Mirabilis! You can’t sleep in the snow!
Her outfit does look super cozy, though. It’s made of soft, warm-looking material, and it even comes with a big fluffy hat! I can’t blame her for wanting to take a nap right here and now.
She’s also carrying a mysterious snowman around with her. Apparently, she and the snowman plan to deliver presents to any Heroes they come across!
*yawn* Oh, I think Mirabilis’s sleepiness is rubbing off on me… I guess there’ll be some sweet dreams in store for me later!

Closely Associated Characters


A ljósálfr from Ljósálfheimr, the realm of dreams. Delivers pleasant dreams to mortals. Both sincere and positive, she enjoys playing with children. She and Mirabilis are the best of friends.


A princess of Askr and Alfonse’s sister. Cheerful and loves making friends—especially with Heroes. Guided by Peony, she encounters Mirabilis in the misty forests at the borders of Askr.