Special Hero

Prodigy in Bloom


Appears in

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

Let Sharena Introduce You!

Prodigy in Bloom Delthea

Here’s Delthea, all dressed up for the spring festival! Although she once helped out the Deliverance using her natural talent for magic, now she’s here to have some festive fun in a truly adorable outfit!
The showpiece of her festival look is the fluffy bunny that sits on top of her head. It’s a precious little thing made from the softest fabric!
Speaking of precious, did you notice her little bunny tail? Delthea was already adorable to begin with, but looking at her now, I could just melt!
Oh, and guess what—I hear her brother Luthier’s putting in an appearance at the festival too, though he seems to be keeping a low profile. Well, I hope he and Delthea take advantage of this opportunity to have a great time together!

Closely Associated Characters


His fervent study of magic may have cost him the chance to make friends, but it did bring him to this festival. Delthea’s older brother.


A pegasus knight with the Deliverance. Clive’s younger sister. Secretly loves Alm. Bonds with Delthea over chats about their brothers.