Young Songstress


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Fire Emblem Fates

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Young Songstress Azura

Azura is the daughter of Arete, the queen of Nohr. She was taken to Hoshido as a young girl, where she was raised by Mikoto, Hoshido’s queen.
King Garon married Azura’s mother after the passing of his first wife, but those left grieving the late queen rejected Arete—and Azura wasn’t spared from their heartless treatment.
The young Azura’s heart was touched by darkness, and a terrible sadness overtook her. That was when people who treated her with kindness began to appear in her dreams.
The people she met might have been only illusions that she created—but even so, they supported her, and gave her friends to confide in.

Closely Associated Characters


A Hoshidan royal raised in another Nohr. Understands young Azura’s feelings very well. They are the best of friends.


The eldest princess of another Nohr. A demure and caring older sister to young Azura.


The extremely affectionate queen of another Hoshido. She is a nurturing adoptive mother to Azura.